Miracle in the back yard

by Leah

My horse High place is a 1 of a kind horse he is sweet, kind, and funny but that's not all he has a grey spot on his flank that's where he lay down in his stall for months.

Once upon a true story there was my horse my barn owner had him at the time i was not born yet this was when my mother was still single, high place was winning awards all over the country barrel racing he won my barn owner big time money.

One day a man asked $40,000 for high place but my barn owner resisted then he got kicked in the knee by a paso fino filly. It had broke his knee my barn owner was devastated that her bay beauty was hurt then the man offered 30,000$ for him yet she still resisted.

My barn owner was going to put him down so she had the hole dug, the vet was there and every thing. Then my mom called her and said "What did god tell you to name this horse?"

"High place."


"Because I'm gonna be in a high place spiritually with him."

"So why are you putting him down? Mom said.

My barn owner stopped in her tracks and they brought high place to multiple universities to look at him. My mom spent 30,000 k'chings to just look at him. All of them said put him down, they said no so they put him in a double stall and he lay there for months.

Just with prayer as his medicine, my mom came every day pulling grass out of the ground into a bucket and came and fed him by hand. My mom would spend hours laying in his lap, praying.

One day they went to go check on him and he was standing. They got the local vet to look at him. He said high place was sound.

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