by SweetBird

My first horse was a really nice 11.1hh pony (called Mini) who was good to ride for a small amount of time but she was old(30 years old at the time), so my mum and me went looking for a younger pony that I could ride.

We found a pony somewhere(I forgot the name of the place), who seemed almost perfect, until I rode her. She was very full of beans, Her name was Holly, we went twice to go see her but in the end we didn't buy her.

So we went looking again and found a beautiful chestnut gelding 13.2hh with a blaze and three white stockings called Zaffy, he hadn't been ridden for a while so it was hard to tell whether he was really good or not but his loving nature made up my mind, he was only for lease which was sad. My mum and the lady who owned him arranged a day for us to come and pick him up. A week took so long to come!! We kept Zaffy for nearly a year, and over that time I had won 23 ribbons on him. Soon I grew out of him, So we had to go looking again for a bigger pony.

We searched Trade-Me over and over again for the right pony. There was one in nelson and she seemed pretty nice so me,my mum and my step-dad drove to nelson to stay with my friends and go have a look at her. She was beautiful! She was a dark bay mare with a blaze,100 percent Kaimanuwa. SO I rode her, she was very slow so they suggested I use my whip, but that was quite hard to do cause she was so cute! So I got her going and went over a jump then the other ponies that were being ridden went out of sight and she went nuts and I fell off over the jump. I went the next dat to see her again and she was perfect, we said we'll buy her but we didn't know someone else wanted her too so the owner had to decide who they wanted to sell her to. They ended up choosing the other person who wanted her because they live just down the road and we live hours away ='(.

So then we were back to the horse search again and we found one that looked lovely, she lived in Dunedin but we didn't want to go for another trip so we sent my instructor down and he said she was lovely too so we bought her, I didn't ride her over the chritmas holidays so she was full of beans but we are now back in work, Today we even did a flying change! Her Name is Mockingbird (aka Birdie) she is a bay mare, 14 years old, with a blaze, 14.2hh. She is very caring and knows when you are upset. I love her soo much and I would never sell her EVER!

And I still have Mini who is now 32 years old, only toddlers can ride her now but she can still jump, but without someone on her. She makes a very good paddock pal for Birdie. But she is sometimes moody.

Good things ALWAYS come to people who wait :-)

I wove horsies!

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