Mikayla: I can only dream

by Mikayla

Promise - almost my horse

Promise - almost my horse

I have always loved horses! Ever since I knew what they were! My family isn't rich and probably never will be and that makes it hard for me to do anything with horses unless my friends invite me to thier horseback riding lessons or parties....

It's been hard but I think I'll get through it because my mom got offered a good paying job in a horse community and it means we will have more money to spare!

I've always dreamed of riding off into the sunset on top of a horse that looks red when the sun hits it right! Luckly my dream may come sooner than I thought!

Well I'll keep you guys posted on where its all heading! Anyways heres a picture of a horse I almost got to adopt! Her name is Promise!

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Dec 01, 2008
Hi Mikayla

Not very long ago, I could do nothing but dream about getting a horse because my family wasn't very rich and couldn't afford to buy me a horse. Sometimes i would get really frustrated because I wanted to ride so badly. I never dreamt I would ever get a horse, and I didn't. But the next best thing happened to be -I got to ride and take care of someones horses! My parents didn't have to pay anything, I took care of the horses and their owner (my dad's friend) let me ride them. What I want to say is you never know what can happen and you don't have to be rich to live your dream. Please check out my page. (sorry if my comment is too long). Oh, and pleeeease let me know weather you get a horse or not.........
Waiting to hear from you -SUMMER

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