Megan-Raven's Surprise!

I love horses and my first horse was very good to me. The horse name was Megan-Raven due to her coat being as dark as the bird raven.

Three weeks of owning and taking care of her, she became heaver and more stubborn for me to ride that we had to take her to the vet because Megan-Raven would tell me things by pawing on the ground or bobbing her head up and down! This mare surprised us that she was IN-FOAL! I bought her and the last owner did not tell me that she was with a stallion!

So I was being sure that the good mare had hay and grain but no bad grass in our pasture. In after 3 or 4 weeks of waiting there came a nice filly. It was maybe a dun but it was a beauty. The foal's name is Wonder.

I had to sell Megan due to needed money and we still got Wonder who is still pretty upset for her mom to be gone. Oh well I miss her too.

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Jul 22, 2012
by: Horsecrazy Southern Girl

Nice story. Good luck to you and Wonder.

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