Me, Horses, and Friends

by Lina

My name is Lina. I've loved horses my whole life. I have a couple horses and hope to get another. My horses names are, Request A Reynbow(Rey) Candy, Smoke and Fantsy.

I love to help out and be a person who you other horse crazys can ask questions. I volunteer at the zoo. I volunteer at various animal shelters and horse shelters. I also volunteer at multiple other places such as the library.

My fav animal is horses/ponies. Then its wolves or the dog family. Then cheetahs or the cat family. After that all animals are my favourites. I dislike spiders!

If your christian or catholic or anything else, we should talk. My friends aren't horse crazy people, so I would love to have a friend to talk to about horses. I am older than 10 younger than 15. I don't care about age that much. If your horse crazy and nice and wanna be friends that's good enough for me. Just comment and I'll comment back.

If you have a question, I'll do my best to answer. It can be about me, horses, animals, or basically anything.

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Sep 01, 2012
hi again
by: englishridingcwgrl

I don't have horses yet, but I will someday. :) I do have one awesome horse lesson I absolutely fell in love with! :D Great talking to you!

Aug 31, 2012
by: Lina

Hey, That's so funny. it's like we are sisters from another mother, lol. I'm catholic but i have christian friends. U guys sound nice and fun. Do u guys have any horses? what are there names? Thanks for commenting.

Aug 25, 2012
lot in common :D
by: HorseLuver4Ever

Hey! We have a lot in common! (Haha from what I read...) but I'm catholic and none of my friends are horse crazy people either and I've always wanted to have a friend that is horse crazy! by the way in the age range too just so you know but we should talk! Please comment back!

Aug 22, 2012
by: englishridingcwgrl

Hi! I am horse crazy, and Christian (Baptist). I'd love to be you friend. I am also in that age range;)

Job 39:19:)

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