Me and My Princess

by Carrie

Why am I so crazy about horses?

I am not really sure.

For as long as I can remember, I had dreamed of owning a horse and riding off into the sunset.
So you can just guess how excited I was when my dad called me over and told me that he had a horse for me.

I guess why I love horses so much is that they are all so beautiful and strong. The way my "Princess" takes care of me. Actually her name is Tess but she is my "Princess".

She's a beautiful thoroughbred and it's as if she doesn't have a spot on her. She's perfect!
I have only had her for a year but I am CRAZY about horses!

Once I was looking in our barn for something and something spooked her when I was right behind her and she started to kick but, almost as if she saw me there, she stopped. It had scared me half to death but then I realized that she had seen me. She cared about me!

I love that horse!!!

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