Me and my Mom are horsecrazy!

by Morgan

My name is Morgan and I am nearly eleven. I am horsecrazy because mostly my mom is. I had my first pony when I was five. He was a little skewbald Shetland pony called bob the builder. Cute, eh? I had to sell him when I was about seven because my grandad became ill with stomach cancer and we didn't have time to look after him.

I remember the day she called me into her bedroom and said "Morgan, we have to sell bob because we don't have time to look after him." I cried for days. After that I went to a riding stables that I went to once a week for a riding lesson. I did that for about two years and then I had a year off of it because I had an extension on the house.

After the extension, I went mad without being able to see a horse so my mom bought me my present pony! She got him for my tenth birthday and I couldn't have got a better pony! He is a little chestnut gelding called Monty aka Montyman. His breed is a mix.

I love him to bits and another thing is... He is the same age as me and he has the same birth date as me!!! Well, my mom felt jealous that I had a pony and she didn't so she bought herself a n Arab called habanera or abi for short and she is the most energetic, dumbest, fast horse I have ever seen!

Anyway I bet you are bored with me and all this writing so bye!

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