Marhaabah: The Great Arabian Stallion - Chapter 1

by Anali
(Columbia, SC)

Marhaabah Age: 3 Months

Marhaabah Age: 3 Months

I lie on the ground breathing, waiting for mother to stand. I whinnied loudly and stumbled around as I was reaching for mother. "Fine colt," I heard from outside the stall. "Fine one indeed," Another voice said. I looked around suspiciously, then drank milk from mom.

"Why, Shelina, you made a great one." Two men looked at me as I ran around in the stall. I nickered and snorted. One of the men put a loose halter on my face and led me out to a small pasture with lots of other foals in there. I charged into the pasture like a rocket. My father whinnied at me as I walked through the pasture, I stared at him as I trotted through grassy pasture.

A tall woman walked out from the barn house holding a saddle, reins, and a crop. "Come on Marwan, boy!" Dad whinnied loud and paced about in the pen, mom grazed outside of my pasture keeping a good watch on me. I saw the two men whispering to each other.

As I watched the woman mount my father, a grey Arabian filly walked up and nipped me in the buttock. I bolted a bit, but managed to turn around. I twirled my ears, back and forth. She was my age, and very stunning. She ran in circles around me until I nipped her ear and we played tag.

"His father is Marwan Al Shaqab, and his mother is Shelina El Jamaal, so....." "Oh I know! Marino!" "No, just... no." As the tall woman put my dad in his stall she gently yelled, "Hey! What about Maarbah!?" "Maar... Marrh....Marhaabah, Marhaabah! We shall name him Marhaabah!!" I questioned that name, tilting my head. "Hey, isn't Abbysinnia the same age as Marhaabah?" "Yeah."

Chapter 2 coming soon.........

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