Maple Grove Stables

by Regan

Chapter 1

I waltz through the stable doors. It's Thursday AKA the best day of the week! Why, you ask, because on Thursdays I have my riding lesson!

"G'day!" says Gordy the stable hand. I smile at him and he smiles back. I flounce over to the white board and look for my name - and the horse I'll be riding's name next to it. I scroll down. Then I see the name. Wren. Who's Wren? I usually ride Mystic or Barbaro.

"Who's Wren?" I ask my instructor Ms. Hannah.

"The new horse," she replies, "She's a thoroughbred, I know you love thoroughbreds, Jenna. She's in stall 7."

I run over to stall 7. There before me is the most exquisite horse I've ever seen.

Wren is a dark bay thoroughbred mare. She has a lovely thick mane and tail and a near perfect jumping composition. The white star on her forehead really brings out her gorgeous dark brown eyes. She walks over to me and that's when I realize how strong she is. The girl's pure muscle!

"Hey sweet thing," I whisper to her as I slip into her stall. I stroke her velvety muzzle. I gently brush and saddle her. Then I take her bridle and slip the cool metal snaffle into her soft mouth. I take my time adjusting her bridle before leading her out of her stall. I slip my black helmet over my auburn ringlets before tightening my girth and getting on.

I land softly onto Wren's back. She sighs and we walk around the arena.

"Hi Jenna!" calls a voice. I turn around to see, Katie.

"Hey K!" I call.

I notice that Kayla's on Ace, a black thoroughbred gelding.

"Seems like I didn't get the thoroughbred memo," says AJ as he walks his Canadian warmblood, Axel up to us.

"Less chit-chat more riding!" Says Hannah.

We take our horses out to the rail to begin the lesson. Let's just say it was the best lesson ever!

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Sep 15, 2017
by: Haddie

Great start! Please keep writing!

Aug 28, 2017
Nice start!
by: Hoofbeats

Please write another chapter!

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