Make a Wish

by Erika
(Coaldale, Alberta, Canada)

Photo credits: Barbicpt0 via I'd Pin That

Photo credits: Barbicpt0 via I'd Pin That

"Bye, Nikki!" Bella leans out of the window and waves wildly. I blow a kiss to her and wave back, then turn to check out the place in front of me.
A tall wooden sign reading Twin Pines Horse Camp is in front of a large barn painted bright red. Beside the barn is a small paddock with 2 or 3 yearlings in it. Beyond that, I see more pens and some other, smaller buildings. It looks like a nice place-if only my stomach wasn't so queasy!

"Nikki, we have to get your luggage, okay?" Mom says as she taps my shoulder. I turn to our minivan and hop into the front seat. Dad is napping in the back but I see he just wakes up. He yawns and stretched before closing his eyes again.

I am tired myself and stifle a yawn-the 2 hour drive was tiring!
"Here we are!" Mom announces a few minutes later. We turn into a garage of sorts and Dad pops the trunk and grabs my suitcases. I hold onto my carry-on and wait awkwardly.
"Hi!" a woman with red hair startles me as she walks up. "You must be the Towers family!"
Dad and Mom smile politely as they chat. Finally the woman-Madeline Gregory-turns to me.
"Well, Nikki!" she says in her loud voice. I smile and fiddle with my braid.
"...just head over this way..." Madeline says and I quickly follow her.

Soon we arrive at a large row of cabins. Madeline shows me which one is mine -Cabin 8-and I plop my junk down. Mom looks happy when she sees the 'Rules & Guidelines' sheet above every bed and Dad smiles when he hears Madeline talk about the chores we do every morning.

I space out as Madeline and my parents talk about various things. I pull out my phone and text Julia:
Nikki98: Hey, how` s ur holidays so far?
Jules replies quickly:
Julia: Pretty good. U?
Nikki98: Gr8 so far:) Madeline is talking 2 mom and dad.
Julia: Madeline?

I am in the middle of replying when I look up.

Mom and Dad are staring at me and Mom is shaking her head no wildly behind Madeline`s back. Madeline walks over to me.
"There is a rule about phones here." she says sternly. I gulp and push my phone into my pocket.
"I`m s-sorry!" I say. Have I already messed up??
"The RULE is-" Madeline continues-"that phones are permitted only for an hour after curfew and during lunch break. Hope you get that straight!" I nod and Mom and Dad look relieved that I didn't make the director of camp mad already.

Madeline is glancing at her watch when a tall brunette with braces walks in. Madeline introduces her as Rachel, our cabin counsellor.
As soon as Mom and Dad leave and Madeline and Rachel are both out of sight, I yank out my phone.
BellaBeauty: Hello???
A second later:
BellaBeauty: R u there?

A flurry of texts follows. I reply as quick as I can.
Nikki98: Sorry bout that! Not allowed to have phone except at curfew & lunch!!:'(
BellaBeauty: Oh. Well cant u bend the rules??
Nikki98: ...well this IS horse camp...don't want to mess it up!...
BellaBeauty: Oh, right. I guess U would nevr not listen 2 rules!
That stung a bit. I just hated getting in trouble with my parents.
BellaBeauty: JK!!
Nikki98: Yeah im a good girl!!lol
BellaBeauty: Well Taylor is here! gtg

I didn't even reply. Taylor was a popular rider at our stable and lately Bella had been spending a lot of time with her...
I ignored my worries-after all, Bella had come along to drop me off! I waited on my bunk mulling over Bella & Taylor...and of course, Kaden.
You may be wondering who Kaden is...Kaden is my amaze BF!!I am 14 ad this is my first boyfriend, and here are the deets about him!!
Kaden is 14, a bit older than me, and has brown hair and blue eyes. He is average build and competes with the school basketball team, the Chatham Cougars.

He is SUPER cute and Lily Brooks, the most popular girl in school, was totally after him even when he and I started going out. Now she hates me for ' stealing' him....I have never had a better reason for someone to hate me!!:)
My phone beeps-it`s Kaden!
Kaden: Hey Nikki:) How's camp?
Nikki98: pretty cool so far! what's up?
Kaden: cool. oh I am just watching a movie
Nikki98: fun, what is it?
Kaden: You wouldn`t like it-its a horror movie.
Nikki98: *shivers* I-I`m fine, t-totally f-fine...*knees knock*
Kaden: LOL. U have a great sense of humor Nikki!:P
Nikki98: Thx:) u do too K,..but I RULE!!LOL jk:)
Kaden: haha no way. well I gtg in 5.
Nikki98:Oh too meeting starts soon so I have to get ready:)
Kaden: Okay I will leave you then! TTYL.

I smile as I close my phone. See what I mean? Kaden is awesome. He is a jock, but pretends to like romance movies and horse books like I do just to please me...I <3 KADEN!! Well enough about my bf:)5 more minutes till camp officially starts. I gulp as my nerves return...


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Sep 29, 2015
by: Sarah14

Love it, write more please!

May 19, 2015
Awesome Start!
by: Sydney

This is an awesome start to what it appears to be a fantastic story. Please write more!

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