Mad Horse!

by Lex

I was at an auction with my grandparents. We were hoping to buy a new horse to fill the stall where my sisters old nag died. Several beautiful horses went up on the stands. When my grandpa asked me if that was a good horse I said no. (My sister didn't want anything to do with another horse. Thats why my grandpa was asking me.)

Finally a medium, skinny, wild angry, black mare who looked like she had no hope went up on the stands. I told my grandpa, "that's the one." My grandpa looked at me in confusion. "What? She's rearing up on the stand. Three guy's are having to hold her. Are you sure?" he asked. "Yes, I'm very sure." I said with complete confidence. When the fast talking guy said 300 dollars, I said 325. Many people looked at me in confusion as I held up my fingers. Nobody bid after me. "Sold!" the man shouted.

Three men had to help put the mare in the trailer. After that she started freaking out. I knew why, "she can't see the sky."I said calmly. I want and opened a window so she could stick her head out. After that she seemed more calm, but still scared. We found out that she was a mustang brumby mix, she was three years old, had been abused, and had no name. When I heard she had no name I almost cried.

When we got home I knew that the first thing to do was to give her a name. I named her angel, that was what the plate next to her stall said. I did register her as mystery angel. I put her in a very large stall so she could move around. I also attached a large turn out with high, strong fences so she couldn't jump out or break it down. Angel was very difficult to get into the stall, but when she saw her name tag she calmed down. I tried to get the halter off, but she kept pulling her head back. So I decided to just take her lead rope off. I then shut the door, but suddenly she reared up and seemed to scream. I went around and opened the back door of her stall so she could go outside. She soon turned around, came outside, and became more relaxed. I then climbed on to the roof and made a skylight so she could see the sky when she was in her stall. I did put glass over it so if it rained it wouldn't flood the stall. I kept the back door of the stall open so she could go in and out whenever she wanted. I put one flake of hay, a bucket of water, and a cup of oats in her feed bin (I didn't mix it, it has several different sized bins, one large for hay, one medium for water, and one small for oats). I also put some sugar cubes on the door way. I stood back and waited for her to take the cubes. Within a few minuets she took the sugar off the door way. In a few hours I came back. Again I put the sugar on the door way again, but I was up near the door so she could see who was giving her the sugar. After she was done I went into the stall.

Angel looked at me with her big hazel colored eyes. Suddenly her ears pinned back and she whinnied loudly. I put my back up against the wall. She reared up thrashing out her legs and baring her teeth. My eyes wide I didn't know what to do, I was scared but I tried not to show it. When she came down, her eyes turned from hazel, to blood red. When I looked really hard I think I saw flames for a split second. I felt light headed then collapsed on the floor.

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Apr 16, 2013
Auction barn
by: Bandi

Wow I hope you didn't get hurt. that's a wild story
but have been to many auction barns. Many take horses their because they themselves have problems with the horse and don't know how to fix the problem. Saw a pony and a brand new saddle go last week because the pony had thrown a little girl. Her Father was desperate for the pony to go. I felt sorry for the little guy myself and the little girl whom want have a pony probably ever again.

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