Mad about all things equestrian

by Lucinda
(Godalming, Surrey, England)

My name is Lucinda and I love horses very much and I am a keen horse enthusiast. I have ridden for many years now and when I left school I went to an equine college to undertake a '2 year national diploma in horse management course'.

Whilst at equine college I also took some BHS (British horse society) exams and my riding and road safety exam, as well as a feeding diploma (so I am an expert in horse nutrition!)

At present I am continuing my education with studying levels in english (literature and language) and fine art, as I wish to continue into the equine industry. My ambition is to become an equine journalist, which requires extensive horse knowledge alongside academic skills.

I have previously worked as a full-time and part-time 'groom' at various stables and equestrian establishments and have had a detailed insight into the 'practical' side of the equine industry.

Whilst working at different stables (including; polo, carriage driving, riding school, livery and equestrian centres), I also have shared two horses. Owning a horse or pony is very expensive and once you have crossed the line of 'riding school lessons' the next best option I found was to 'share' a horse, which I did; one for a short time and another horse I shared for quite some time.

On both occasions I have had to stop sharing the horse due to the owners choice, which is very difficult as you can get attached to the animal. As you can see I have had a lot of experience with horses (not in the sense that I am an 'amazing; blaze' horse person!) but in regards to the fact that I have spent a lot of time with them as I just love them so much and every experience I have had with horses (good or bad) I have found useful and never wasted.

Now that I am at home doing study and exams etc... And am therefore unable to ride or go to a stables, it is lovely to find such a nice website that it tailored to all things horsey and I do hope to add to my love of horses via ''!!! Xxxx (my apologies for not having a photo!)

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