Loving Horses

by Makayla

I am horse crazy because I live with horses. It feels like heaven when your riding them.They can get a little rude hear and there but soon you'll be able to communicate. Its so true!!!!!!!! But to me there the best animals in the world.And I tell you one thing for a fact some of those fake robot horses will never on this very Earth replace the love of real horses. Whoever thinks they will they might be right but they will never see the future like all of us do.And if you really love horses you'll understand what I am saying. So please never ever try to replace your beloved horse. Otherwise some how I don't know how but somehow you will pay.

You know when your training to ride a horse it's really hard.And sometimes you blame it on the horse you know it might be them but you just can't blame them when you do it. Just believe in your horse might be a few mistakes but soon I promise you if you never give up you will someday ride a horse like the professionals. But think of the horse before you use the whip.

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