Love for horses

by Claire
(USA Sault Ste. Marie Michigan)

me and miranda

me and miranda

I love horses, they are my favorite animal. I have two horses one named Miranda and the other Juliet.

I ride Miranda when I get to see her, she is my best friend she means the world to me. I got her for my 13th birthday from my dad's cousin because she knew how much I love horses.

There is not one horse I will call ugly, no matter what shape color or size they are all amazing and beautiful to me, nothing will change my mind about that.

Also my best ride was when I got to ride my horse bareback, most people say it would hurt the first time but for me I was born to ride horses so it didn't hurt me.

By the way, the first time I rode a horse was in 2009 - the year before I got my heart transplant. The horse I rode was named Lazerbeam. He was a very big and sweet horse he fell in love with me when I met him.

I still ride him, he is a special horse to me and I'm special to him. My dad is letting me take riding lessons because he wants me to get better at riding even though I'm already very good at it.

Horses are my true love nothing beats them. They are the most beautiful animals in the world, I have wanted one since I was born and now I have Miranda. And I'm glad because me and her bond like Secretariat and his owner in the movie.

Miranda and I are like one, we are the most amazing best friends you will find in a girl and her horse. Her and I are ONE and nothing will ever change that.

I love all horses no matter what they look like they are all beautiful and amazing.

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Nov 25, 2011
I definitely agree with you
by: katrina (from WestMidlands, UK)

All horses are special in their own way which makes them special to me and i LOVE THEM SOOOO SOOO MUCH!!! I would love to have my own horse, but i live in a town and i don't think my garden is big enough for a stable to keep a horse in, just saying :) and most riding schools are very very far, but atleast I get to see 6 amazing horses about 15mins away from my house near the river (they live opposite the river in the paddock, not sure who owns them though, but there are many black& white horses, brown appaloosa mare, brown & white pinto foal, and finally a black mustang i think). I love you horse by the way :D

Nov 06, 2011
by: lucinda

that's beautiful (sniffle sniffle).

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