Lost Pony

by Emily

Photo credit: CherylHolt via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: CherylHolt via I'd Pin That

Taylor Brookes woke up with the sunshine shining right in her face, like always. But right away she realised it was another beautiful day for riding ponies!

Taylor jumped out of bed and threw on blue skinny jean with a bunch of rips in them, with a t-shirt that had a picture of a horse on it. Then she put on her cowgirl boots and ran outside with some treats for her pony.

Her pony's name was Lydia and boy was she adorable. Taylor went into Lydia's paddock and sat down on the bench next to her. She looked at the pony next to her and right away she realised that pony wasn't Lydia, it was a different pony!

Taylor didn't know what the pony's name was. All she knew was that pony wasn't Lydia!!! Who are you? Taylor said knowing the pony didn't understand her. The pony just whinnied at Taylor.

Taylor sighed, she thought about making a sign that said: Missing horse, if found please return. Tears rolled down Taylor's cheek. "I have to do something about this." Taylor said to herself.

She decided to look for clues. She smelled all over the other horse. EWWWW! she said. That smells nothing like me! But I do know someone who does smell like that. Then she noticed the saddle and the last name was Shay. I've got a friend who's name is Riley Shay. I have two people who might be the owner of this pony, and the one who stole my pony.

She went over to Riley's house and rang the doorbell 3 times in a row. Riley answered the door and who was behind her? Zoey Malik. The girl who smelled horrible. You guys took my horse! Taylor scolded. I didn't do any thing Zoey and Riley yelled at the same time. Well then who did? Asked Taylor. You both look very innocent.

"We don't even know what you are talking about, "said Riley. Taylor sighed. "I did it," said a voice. "Ashly Shay!" They all yelled loudly. But your my BFF, said Taylor. I know. I was just a little jealous of your pony, said Ashly. You could have just talked to me, said Taylor.

I know, aid Ashly, I'm sorry. Its okay, said Taylor. They hugged. Friends again.

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Apr 14, 2017
by: Anonymous

This story is really confusing. It feels really rushed, and I couldn't understand it.

Jun 05, 2015
by: LilyLovesShamous

Good job xx

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