Lost Over The Heart

by Anna Leigh
(Glen Ellyn, IL)

I keep telling him not to
he shakes me off
I plead and cry
he gets on that angry raging bull
I get on my trick horse sky, crying, praying
then Ellie tells me what I've been dreading,
"he pulled a pro bull" she says with a solid frown on her face.

The world stops
I look around
I'm not thinking
I do the stupidest thing
I open the gate I gallop as fast as I can but its too late
he got trampled
my one and only
my love
my Kent

I'm not thinking
I jump off of sky and race towards him sobbing
I elbow the poor man who was trying to lift me to safety
I need kent
he is my everything
now he is just a little heap of life in the middle of a rodeo ring
clinging to life

The bull is mad
the people try to stop it but they miss
it's coming

I look up but it's too late

I fall and hit my head,
the sharp ping of metal pings in the silence,
warmness surrounds me,
I don't fight it,
I go with it.

I guess he will have to live without me.

I will always love him
I don't regret standing in front of that bull for him
I love him.

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Mar 15, 2018
by: Hoofbeats

That was really sweet!

Mar 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

I like it. Very nice.

Mar 09, 2018
by: Anonymous

Wow. That was bitter sweet. You did a good job. Nearly made me cry :D

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