Looking for a Horse?

by I_Luv_Willow
( United States)

Okay, so I thought I would do this for people that are looking to buy a horse. Now, for people that don't already know, this is a very long process.

My mom and I have been looking for a horse for 5 years, and we just bought one. Now, there are a lot of horses that are up for sale. I'll give you a few hints on how to help your search for the PERFECT horse.

1. Look at a lot of sites. There are many horse selling/buying sites. And on one of those sites, you're bound to find the perfect one.

2. Narrow your search. A lot of people say to think big, look at a lot of horses, but that's not the truth. My mom and I looked at a horse that had a few things we didn't like (he was tall, an ex-racehorse, he was not trained, and he was a Thoroughbred), but we still looked at him, and actually almost bought him.

After we saw a few other horses, we realized we're happy we didn't buy him. You'll find the perfect horse, even if it does take 5 years.

3. Put a lot of thought into it. Would you mind riding this horse everyday? Would this horse be safe for you to ride? Is this horse the one you've been looking for? Is the horse perfect for you? Would you be proud to call this horse your horse?

4. Practice. Ride that horse a lot before you buy it, make sure it's good for what you want to do. If you're a Jumper, make sure your horse likes to jump. If you do Dressage, make sure your horse is calm and collected. If you do Mounted Games, make sure your horse is fast and small enough to get on from the ground.


Now, comment on other tips you can think of, horse websites to buy horses on, and horses you think someone might wanna buy. Or, if you have horse you're selling, put an ad or link here!

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