Looking for a Christian horsecrazy friend...

by Riding4Jesus

Hi, I was looking for a christian horsecrazy girl who would want to be friends and remember to check back regularly and comment back and forth with me through my page on horsecrazygirls.com.

I am fourteen years old. I love horses and I love Jesus. I do not own a horse but really would like to. I take english riding lessons and am working towards jumping. I've also rode western. My favorite breed of horses is friesians and I would love to ride one someday. Dolphins are my other favorite animal.

I have friends but only one of them rides so I'd really like to have another horsey friend. If you want to be friends here just comment on my page and I will comment back.


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Sep 29, 2015
Hi There
by: Sarah14

Hi, I am a christian as well and I love horses especially Friesians and dolphins are adorable!

Aug 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hannah I have that similar dream too! I am also a christian and I'm nearly 12.

Feb 12, 2014
by: Katie

That is very funny actually! We are very much alike!! I am a christian and my other favorite animal is dolphins. (i actually used to be super dolphin crazy!!) I jump to but i have never ridden western, but i will at the summer camp i am going to. And also i REALLY love friesians to!!!! i rode one when i went to germany last winter!!


Nov 20, 2012
i love Jesus too!
by: horselover33

hi! my name is Brittany and i really love horses and Jesus! i have been riding for 4 years and i ride english and western, but mostly english. i am getting my first horse soon! we are looking at a registered sorrel paint mare. she is SO beautiful!
i really hope that we can be friends!

Sep 11, 2012
by: Hannah

hey, ok so i wrote you a long time ago but could never find your posting and i finally found it!! but the thing is i messaged you like a long time ago but i don't remember what i wrote but i'm pretty sure i'm HAnnah cux well.. that's my name lol but anyways just comment here.. i REALLLY hope you read this!!!

Aug 19, 2012
Hey, Hannah
by: englishridingcwgrl

Yes, it would!! :)

Aug 19, 2012
Hey Hannah
by: Lina

Hey, I was reading through and you seem like one fun girl. I've always trusted our lord with my life. I've been baptised since I was a baby. I plan on getting re-baptised if possible. My first word was horsey or so my mom says. I've loved horses all my life. Hannah we should totally be firends as long as you don't mind being friends with a 13 year old. My favourite breed is friesian's then quarter horses. My 2nd fave animal is wolves or the dog family. My 3rd fave animal is cheetahs or the cat family. Then I love dolphins. Msg. Me back. Thanks.

Aug 14, 2012
Hey englishridingcwgirl!!
by: Hannah

I like Quarter horses too!! I also like Thoroughbreds and Appaloosas. I think it would be fun for us all to be friends!

Aug 14, 2012
totally would.
by: englishridingcwgrl

Hey! I'm 13. I started taking lessons when I ws 12, but rode before that. I ride englsh and prefer it, but I've rode western. My favorite breed is the Quarter horse, and I prefer geldings.

I have a younger brother and a little sister. My Dad is a Pastor. I am home schooled. I was saved when I was 5, and baptized when I was 6, on the fourth of July:) My next favorite animals are dogs, then rats, then dolphins. i've ridden 23 different horses in my lifetime. I think that's all I need to tell:D

Jul 24, 2012
by: reina

I'm also been a christian my whole life. I got baptised at the age of ten and have ridden horses since I was six, when I lived in Utah. We found one nice small christian church there, and we were glad it wasn't a mormon one! We made a few good friends there and the friends my mom made one of them lived out in the country, just a few miles out of Ephraim were we lived at the time. They had a old mare in her late 20s I got to ride her, and their sweet Arabian Fluffy. sadly, when we went up there this year I learned that the old mare I rode died, I became sad because I loved her so much! But they let me lead Fluffy around. A little about fluffy he is very frisky and always acts like he is still a colt, he is only 14, and he has a flea-bitten coat.

Jul 23, 2012
by: Bella

Hi, I'm Bella Rose! I am eleven years old and I gave my heart to the lord when i was very young. I always loved horses. My Great Grandpa had a horse named Anne, who sadly passed, so that might be where i got it from. I am currently taking English Riding lessons though my secret dream is to switch to western and become a barrel racer but don't tell anyone. I love horses so much, I hope to own one soon. My fave breed of horse is friesians!! If I own one I would want it to be a gelding, and I would name it...... Full Name/Show Name= Phantom of the opera
Barn Name= Phantom
I would looooooove to be friends with you

Your Friend,

Jul 21, 2012
I want to be your friend!!
by: Hannah

I love Jesus!!! I love horses!! I used to take English lessons, and then I had to stop. Then I went to a week long camp on Western but the instructor let me post because I was familiar with it. It's my dream to own a farm house in the country and train horses. My old English trainer's husband is a pilot and got to fly 17 horses from Europe to the Kentucky Derby! Anyone ever been to the Kentucky Derby? That's another one of my dreams. So anyways, I'd SO like to be you friend!! Does my age matter?


Jul 20, 2012
JESUS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Hannah

Hey Girl!

I am a horse crazy christian too! I am sixteen and rode horses when I was twelve. I had to stop at fourteen. It was an English riding school, and then I went to a Western barn for a week-long camp. So, I haven't done much riding, but that doesn't mean I don't ADORE horses and LOVE Jesus! I will totally check back here often and hope we can become good friends. I live in Ohio but I go to Pennslvania every January for a Winter Retreat with my church. Write me back, OK?


Jul 18, 2012
by: reina

i could be your friend one problem I live all the way in Kansas. I also love horse, but I'm thirteen so I'm sure you don't want a thirteen yr. old to be your friend. I take care of a gorgeous 28 yr old Quarter Horse stallion named Tiger. I love him very much. Sadly, I don't own him or any horse at all. Tiger's coat color is chestnut he has a white blaze and a white sock on his left hind leg. He also is very gentle. His owner who is in her 50s notices tiger is happier every time I come by. All I can do with him is groom him walk him then groom him again. Well that's all if your interested in being my friend comment here Okay.

P.S: Only the person that posted the blog can email me only. i don't want to risk myself any more than this.

Jul 18, 2012
by: apploverinfinty

hi, i am kaylynn and i love apps. i have 2 apps and a quarter horse. i have a leopard mare app that is 6 years old and broke with a blue halter, her name is freckles. i have a app 3month old filly she is reddish brown and looks like she has a diaper on and a white face with a purple halter red rose. i have a bay stallion yearling he has a diamond on his head and his name is diamond jim. i love the way you think about horses i think the same about them.

Jul 17, 2012
Hi Riding4Jesus
by: Unicorn

Hi there! I've just turned fifteen and I adore horses and the God who made them. Jesus saved my horse's life when she was terribly sick in the autumn of 2011 and walked straight into my life. He turned it upside down in the most wonderful way and now my quest in life is to use the love He gave me for horses to glorify Him. I also love Friesians! We have eight horses which I look after and train. My two-year-old colt is part Friesian!
I'd like to invite you over to my blog, clothedwiththunder.wordpress.com.


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