LONG story

by Tania R.
(Eolia, Missouri, USA)

Me and Flash

Me and Flash

Ever since I was alive we owned horses.I have my own pony hackney/appaloosa shes a wild thang shes 24 has had 4 colts(bad tempered)her name is Angie I do just about everything with her She LOVES to run! I barrel race, pole bend, goat tie, fun shows, jump, speed events she was oringanly an amish pony but we bought her because my mom wanted a horse for my sister and my mom felt bad for Angie because she was pregnant and dripping with sweat and had 3 little boys riding on her but, it turned out that Angie was too fast for everyone else in my family besides me.Angie and I have the exactly same personalitys.Angie can be a handful sometimes but, I love her sooo much I could NEVER sell her. Well I basiclly live on a farm we have 6 horses Tj a gelding my mom has owned since he was a colt he's 10 I think and hes a breed: Paint color: Gruella, Flash hes a 4 year old gelding breed: Rocky Mountain color:chocolate,Jade is a 6 year old mare breed:Tennesee Walker/Fox trotter color:blak he just had a colt the day after my b-day he was born 4-9-08,Scout the colt im talking about above^ hes about 7 or 6 monthes old hes already weaned breed:Rocky/Fox/Tennesee color:blackish brownish true color is unknown,then we got Oliver the silliest pony ever he'll unzip you jacket lol well hes the greatest pony but,can be bossy at times hes a 8 year old gelding.We also have 4 dogs 2 big boy dogs and 2 little girl dogs. 3 kittens and 2 cats.

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