Lizzy Brown - Part 1: The Accident

by Lucinda

Goodbye girls" Nikki Brown waved to her two daughters as her and her husband Jack exited and drove away to a fancy restaurant.Lizzy brown the oldest of the two sisters pushed the bag of cheesy balls off her belly and got off the sofa and started looking in Nikki's purse. ten minutes later she stopped and found a thirty Pound bill
"Score! Pizza! Pizza!" she shouted doing a little dance
"What if mom or dad finds out?" asked Rose the other sibling
"Don't worry kiddo" Lizzy grinned "if that does happen - Which it won't! I'll take the blame"
"Thanks sis" Said Rose
"guessing Hawaiian pizza?"Lizzy asked
"Hawaiian all the way!" shouted Rose

***10 minutes later***
"OK pizza is ordered and is being cooked,lets watch a movie, Hey! I know what one! we should watch three movies,
Secretariat, Black Beauty and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" Lizzy grinned knowing these were Rose's fave movies of all time
"Yush" said Rose and put the first one in to the DVD player.

***3 and a half hours later***

It was in the middle of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron once they had finished their pizza that the phone rang.
Lizzy went and picked it up
"Yes this is Lizzy why? What?!?! They have? Are they OK?!? Oh my god" Lizzy put the phone down
"What wrong?" asked Rose
"I don't know if you're old enough to handle this..."
"I'm thirteen I can handle it"
"OK...W...Well......Mom.....Dad..." Lizzie's teeth rattled as she cried
"They were in a car accident and, they died"
Rose and Lizzy held each other
"We will be OK sis, I can get a job and..."
"wait, why don't we live with aunt Hailey?" asked Rose
"Aunt who now?" asked Lizzy
"She's on dads side, remember? she always sends us birthday presents and Christmas presents"
"Rose, We haven't even met her! I doubt she would want a thirteen year old and a sixteen year old staying at her house" said Lizzy
"I suppose your right, But can't we at least call her to make sure? How can luck get any worse?"
"Your a bright kid Rose"
"Hush now call her!"
"Alright little miss bossy pants" Lizzy shook her head and called aunt Halley "Rose you should go to bed it's past midnight"
"OK night" Rose went up stairs

***The next morning***

Lizzy rushed into Roses room and hugged her
Rose yawned as she woke up "SIS! You shouldn't be up at this time! its six in the morning you are going to get in trouble with........" Rose trailed off
"Well sis luck just got a hell of a whole lot better for us! Aunt Hailey actually is going to let us stay at her ranch in Kent!" Lizzy said excitedly
"Yay!" said Rose "but isn't Kent ten miles away?"
"Yes, But she says we can take the train over there and she will pay for the train tickets, oh sis this is AWESOME!" Lizzy got up and twirled round.

***Three days later they arrived at the ranch***(they got on the train that day)

"There's my two beautiful nieces!" aunt Hailey ran up to greet them
Hailey was quite a 'Plump' woman, she was in her late thirties
But she Was quite pretty.
Rose stared round the ranch at all the neat buildings and carefully posted paddocks and bricked ground with a big lake and fences around it probably to ride in
"This place is beautiful!" exclaimed Rose
Hailey smiled "I try to keep it looking nice, anyway time to meet the staff!
she took Rose and Lizzy into the house "They all have rooms here" she explained.
This is Alex, not only is she my daughter and your cousin but also she is the main riding instructor she is fourteen,
and this is Leo he is the main groom he is fifteen, this is Ronald the farrier and barefoot trimmer he is forty and this is the saddler Joey he is eighteen" said Hailey.
A while later they had had a tour of the house and were getting showed to there rooms
"It's ten o'clock, you two should get to bed" said Hailey showing them their rooms and then leaving they both went into Lizzie's room to talk.
"Sis I have had a thought" said rose pulling out a draw then sliding it back in
"What?" asked Lizzy fluffing up her pillow
"Our stuff"
"Do any of your clothes even fit you anymore?"
Rose remembered pulling tight clothes over
"No, but I mean our other stuff, like your signed all time low poster and your laptop and my ipod touch and our special photo's in the photo frames,oh! and what about the teddies mom and dad gave us when we were babies, remember?"
"OK kiddo sure we can probably get back Hailey might drive us, and we can but new clothes, none of mine really fit either"
"OK then I'll probably get to my room now, night Liz"
"Night Rose" Rose went to her room.
*******************Please comment or no part 2 (it will get more horsey don't worry)*******************

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Aug 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

More please!

Jan 05, 2014
yes yes yes !!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

part 2 please!

Feb 25, 2013
sad to say
by: Lucinda

Thanks guys, i'm sad to say I probably won't make a part 2.

Oct 09, 2012
Hi Lucinda
by: Saphirerain

You did a good job on the start! Just a few tips:

Try to go more slowly. Add more details. Otherwise you'll get your reader a little a bit confused.

You did a good job still! Please continue, can't wait to know what happens next. Happy writing!

Oct 03, 2012
Part 2
by: Anonymous

Part 2!! This is really good!

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