liz horse crazed kid

by Liz

kitty my fantastic mare

kitty my fantastic mare

My names Liz and am nearly 16 years old ,when i was younger my mum owned a palomino Thoughroubred named Kimbarr,who sadly died many years ago.Since then ive been mad about horses and have always dreamed of some day owning my own. Then 6 years ago my dream came true i had saved up enough money to by my own pony. It was love at first sight, the first pony i went to look at i fell in love with and bought and have never regreted it. She is a 13hh mare named Kitty(Kitty Fantastico) who is exelent at everything, theres not one thing i can think of which she cant do. Were like the best of friends and we have alot in common. I dont no what i would do with out her. 5 years ago she did her first ever show, she may not have one but every show since then shes always come either 1st second or third. And it hasnt always been riding or in hand classes its driving to. Shes the best thing that has ever happened to me. And i love her so much.

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