Living the Dream!

Dodge is the bay, Bullet is the sorrel

Dodge is the bay, Bullet is the sorrel

I had always dreamed about owning my very own horse. My dream came true last summer and currently I own two. Although it took a lot of hard work to earn the money (because I fund everything that they need) it was and still is totally worth it because now I have my dream horses.

I have a 16 year old sorrel Quarter Horse named Bullet and an 11 year old bay Quarter Horse named Dodge (hence my username.) I ride pretty much everyday and I am a barrel racer. I have been riding for 10 years and I just love the presence of horses in my life.

I pretty much live out by the barn and spend most of my time out there. I feel so lucky that I am finally living the dream. If though it did take 15 years, dreams really do come true!

I have Dodge and Bullet to prove it.

HorseCrazy since 1999

I have been riding ever since I was five and have loved horses since I was three. It took me fifteen years but I had finally worked enough to be able to afford the horses of my dreams. I love them more than anything and spend legitamately all of my time with them. They are my life.

I ride Western and am getting into barrel racing with Bullet. He is approximately 15 years old and is the prettiest sorrel I have ever seen. I have a weird obsession with his nose...but I just can't help it. It is so adorable.

He loves to run and has alot of get up and go to him, but overall he is the sweetest horse I know. Dodge is a 10 year old bay that I am currently training. He was green broke when I bought him last summer, but he has come a long way.

I am currently working on neck reining with him. I am hoping to train him into being a trail horse. He has a lot of character and I am pretty sure that he actually thinks he is a dog.

I could talk about them all day! I love them so much!

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Aug 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

you have a lot of guts. my parents still say that I can't save up for one but they keep sagging the pocket moneys but it's not helping. they only started to give me and my sis pocket money last year and I can't buy a horse for $150 because where would I put it, your soo lucky. I wish for a horse but that dream might go down the drain. I'm soo sad cause i won't be able to get one of my very own! :( hope your horses go well for you and good luck!!!!!!:):):):)

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