Lessons <3

by Chloe

Hey! Im going to be 13 next month (yay)!

I've asked my mum for riding lessons and that'sall i want but with the money we get for prezzies i would only get 7 lessons at the stables i have been looking at.

Anybody got any ideas on how i coulld carry it on afterwards? Anything would be a great help :)

I was thinking of asking the instructor after a few lessons if i could help out for a free lesson or something but i've heard that the ppl aren't very nice there that if you don't have a horse you're not worth talking to.

Any help or just a nice chat would be great thanks so much!

loving the site!!!

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Mar 15, 2012
Maybe i could help :D
by: Sara

Well, maybe you could work for half a lesson, and your mom and dad pay the other half, it's somewhat like 50/50 draws. one person gets what they want, and the other person gets what they want, and in this case it would be you and the owners. you could work for a lesson, which is probably what the owners want, and you could get your lesson, wich is what you want :) i hope this helps!

Aug 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

At my stables that i go to they let u do horse chorses instead of money to pay off the lesson.

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