Leah's horse page

by Leah
(Marine City, Michigan)

I am horse crazy not just because they are elegant and beautiful but they have also a beautiful personality.

Horses are also a great way to get around! I have always wanted a horse. I would of course ride the horse to school everyday. I would show everybody I know the horse. And I would want a girl that is young but not a foal. I would want her to have a white coat and a black mane. I would train her and get matching everything! And I would want to name her Renesmee, Rosalie, Alice or Bella. But I would probably want to name her Rosalie.

I am an animal lover and I cry at the animal abuse commercials. It breaks my little heart to see animals hurt. And makes me want to put the people who abuse the poor things in prison for their whole life! I wish the world had peace and no animal abuse or crime. And why would anyone want to even hurt animals!? We are all on the same planet and there is nothing we can do about it!

I love all animals especially horses! And that is why I am horse crazy.

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