Leading The Way - Part 1

by Elizabeth

"Okay, when did the Wright Brothers make their airplane and where did they fly it?" I said to my self. I was doing homework. It had easy questions some times. I looked out of my window.

"What is that noise?" Thud, thud, thud! It became louder and louder by the second. "A horse!" I gasped. "What is it doing running in the back yard?!"

I started to run toward the back yard, down the porch steps.

"How did you get in here?" I said soothingly. He was a mustang! "Well, you are pretty big aren't you, bud?" I softly petted him, rubbed, scratch.

"Here you go boy, a stall." I led him into a barn that had three stalls with a tack room. "Hey! This doesn't have the other side to it!" The barn didn't have walls to help the wind not get in.

"Here is some food. Wow, that wall tipped over!" Where the back door was supposed to be, there was a wall that was on the ground. Picking it up with all my might I put it in it's rightful place.

Sorry it's short, more adventure and longer on the next part!

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