by Chloe

When I first got Cindy she was very lazy and sluggish and very fat. She couldn't even trot! I made up a very special diet and exercise sheet .But i will never forget that day.

I was tacking her up for the first time in a good few weeks after all that bonding and exercise. She seemed quite hyper so i warmed her up for a little longer than usual and that seemed to do the trick. After a good warm up on both reins i then asked her for a canter. We were off! Her canter is the best coz you could just sit there and she knows what to do. I asked my mum to set up a jump, it was about 2 feet high (Really small). We were turned in,one stride ,two stride ,three stride and we were soaring high!!

I have still got her and she is still a star but she has her moments!! CINDY,I LUV YOU GIRL FOREVER!!

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Apr 05, 2010
by: Zion (Mega Horse Lover)

Thanks! That's really inspirational! Keep it up!!

Mar 15, 2010
your horse story
by: Sydney

How high can Cindy jump now???

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