laura blairs horses

by laura blair f
(workington, cumbria, united kingdom )



i have always loved horses ever since i can remember. i started riding at a riding in school when i was seven and i was there for 4 years but there was a downside about the riding school all they ever taught me was trot for the whole 4 years so i left and i hardly ever rode again till about 13 month after i left the school.

my mamm decided that i was ready for my own horse so we started to look for one. and the first horse we went to look at was a 8 month old filly and straight away we knew it was the right one as i had look after the mare and foal before. she was the best ever but sadly a year later we were forced to sell her as there was a lot of trouble caused by people on my livery yard and i was getting blamed for things i didn't do so my mam and dad decide having horses wasn't the right thing for but i knew it was i tried everything to keep her but it failed.

so i tried to show my mam i was ready to have my own and it finally work around 10 month ago when i got rosie the Norwegian fjord and then my mam realised that selling the filly was a wrong decision and she has always regretted it. i know have rosie for ever she's the best horse u could ever have apart from the filly lucy i owned and i will never forget her i will always love horses and rosie and lucy. im horse crazy lol

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