Katie and Lady

I am SO horse crazy! I just love the fact that your horse will always love you and will do what you say when you ask. I have always loved jumpers, they are so graceful!

I have ridden western since I was eight, then I wanted to learn more, so I started leasing a pretty white Arab named Lady. I have learned so much about horses since I began leasing her in May, 2010.

Every night I read horse books until I fall asleep. Whenever I am in a lesson I always see the people who have their own horse and think they are the luckiest people in the world. If I ever get a horse I would ride it every day, and always groom her and wash her and take care of her. I just started riding English, and now I do jumping, but I am only allowed to ride English during lessons.

Lady is an okay jumper, she can jump up to about 2'3" if she wants to. But she is really afraid of jumps. Just today I jumped her and she jumped too early and tripped over the jump, and fell a little, she hit her knee on the ground but then got right back up. I am so glad she is okay! I remember the first time I jumped. I was riding western, this was maybe around March.

My instructor said "go trot over that jump". I looked at the jump. Pretty tiny jump. I asked if I could walk it first and she said no so I trotted to the jump and then Lady awkwardly stopped so I tapped my heels on her and she stepped on the pole accidentally and jumped straight into the air! I flew out of the saddle and landed on the side on the saddle, and my leg hit the saddle horn, and the saddle was slipping but I held on, then I tried the jump again.

I quickly trotted toward the jump and she flew over it. Piece of cake. Now I LOVE jumping. I'm a jumper girl alright.

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