just me and my horses

by karen louise hartnell

my mare freedom and her foal daybreak

my mare freedom and her foal daybreak

Life is hard when your family moves away from the one place you feel like you belong well this happened to me i lived a green valley with loads of wild horses running free i had a horse named freedom she was awesome some day's we would gallop over the hills and never come home other days we would stand high amongst the herds and watch the sunset but all that changed when my parents wanted to move back to the city i went taking freedom with me but a few months in her new paddock i could tel she missed the wilderness i wanted to take her back there let her be free with the other horses but i was to attached to the mare that saved me 3 times once in a flood and 2wice we had a bad fall freedom was trotting along the path nicely something spooked her from behind i fell off and went into a concussion freedom galloped all the way home and got my mum to follow her back and i was taken to hospital these things all make us inseparable but freedom still missed the herd and the valley so i knew what i had to do one day i drove her and the float down deep into the valley we stopped the herd called her i unloaded her and threw my arms round her neck "i will always love you freedom, you were there for me when no one else was you were my heart and soul i know this is right" i undid the halter and gave her a slap on the rump she galloped off then turned to look back at me "its ok i said be free be ourself but don't forget me" she galloped off that was the last time i saw her and ill never forget that shinning sad look in her eyes ill always love you freedom your gone faraway but ill never forget you
now i'm 13 and i have 2 new horses a bay mare that i named freedom and her foal daybreak i named the new mare freedom after i horse with the biggest heart of any i've even known the old freedom the one that would lay on the beach with me all night long the one that saved my life three times the one that was always their ill never forget you girl your my heart and my soul goodbye freedom i dedicate this too her

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