Just another girl in boots

by girl in boots

This isn't a story about a wild foal some girl came across one day and tamed it and rode off in the sunset, this is a real story, about a real girl. Well here I go.

I had always been horse crazy, it just hadn't came out of me yet, I had always asked for a horse, but not often enough. In about 5th grade, I started to explode.

I knew very little about horses, but I knew I couldn't live without one. Finally dad said I could if I built a fence in the spring of 6th grade, I was out there every night after school, in the rain, bugs, and heat. I just wanted a horse.

Finally, June 20th, 2011, my dream came true. Daddy had bought me a 18-20 yr old grade pony, with a freeze brand of an areo up on his right flank. I barely knew how to ride, I didn't own a saddle, and he came with a bridle.

The first 3 days I had him, it rained like crazy. Mom said I couldn't ride him. There's some brush in the back of my pasture, and a clearing behind it, me and my horse crazy cousin went back there and rode him, and fell off many times. Looking back at it now, it was really stupid.

I rode that pony everywhere, I just wanted to show him somewhere so bad, I wanted to show people that I did it, I can ride my horse!! My best friend has a show winning-push button horse, games, shows in pleasure, halter and showmanship. But she hates it. I go to shows with her, and I'm with her horse more than she is at shows. She hates showing pleasure. But she's not the best at gaming.

I haul water, help saddling him, feeding him, making sure hes comfortable. But don't think shes a terrible person, shes my best friend, and she enjoys her horse, just not as much as I would. She's a lil' forced into it.

Well school came around, and I was always known as "that country girl that's crazy about horses." I wear my camo and pink ariat fatbaby boots to school. One time I left my pressure spurs on. So I just wore the spurs on my boots that day. I guess it started to annoy some people.

One of my "friends" that knows "everything" about horses, deleted me on facebook. She hasn't rode a horse in 2 years. Jacob, my best friend since pre-school, and at the time "boyfriend" dumped me cuz I was to horse crazy. And what did I do from there?? Got another horse of course.

Cocoa, the 6 yr old arab/qh, that I'm gonna train for games. I only have 2 saddles, one western trail saddle, and one beat up English. My parents no nothing about showing horses. Or training, or riding. I'm all on my own, they help me though, buy me supplies, hold lead lines, etc.

When I go to the fair this year to help my friend, I'm gonna be watching all great friends of mine show their horses, win ribbons, etc. And I know my heart belongs out there. All I wanna do is be with horses, they are my best friends.

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Jul 02, 2012
just another girl in boots
by: apploverinfinty

do you have a part two? please write more it was awesome.

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