by Karen

Jumana was my beautiful dapple grey thoroughbred gelding. He was perfect.

One day we went to a show. I could always trust Jumana to be good at shows. He never got nervous and he always did his best. This particular show was one that could get me closer to my ultimate goal, jumping on the US equestrian team.

As I led Jumana down the trailer, he had his head down and his eyes were half way closed, normal Jumana behavior. Then when we tacked him up, He jerked his head up, causing me to fall backwards. He never had done that with me!

I spoke to him softly as I pulled his leg wraps off. When the five minute call came for my class, I was in the schooling ring. Jumana tripped before a small jump and stumbled backward I glanced down at his leg. It looked fine. It must have been uneven footing.

When we came in to jump our course, Jumana cantered normally toward the first jump. When we jumped, he didn't jump as effortlessly as he normally did. This jump was more awkward. Then, the third jump arrived.

As soon as I finished the jump, Jumana collapsed and I fell off. I broke two of my ribs, but that wasn't as bad as what happened to Jumana, he broke both of his legs and the vet put him down. I never rode another horse again.

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Oct 29, 2013
by: Stormy

Well written! I liked it! These things happen - especially in fiction stories!! Nice job, Karen! Keep it up! God bless!

Aug 18, 2013
Made up
by: Karen

Uh BTW this isn't my own true story, just a story I MADE UP!

Jul 14, 2013
In reply to the other anonymous person.
by: Anonymous

That's so mean!!!!! No one is to blame and he probably hurt himself in the trailer, if Karen actually though something was seriously wrong, i'm sure she would have stopped. These things happen, sometimes a horse or other animal suddenly collapse, or worse, dies. And even people who do not ride horses can be horsecrazy, she was obviously horsecrazy for him back then. If you don't mind me saying, your comment is immature and you should think posts on the internet through before you make people feel even worse about a death.

Jul 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

Why would you stop riding... you can't blame yourself but you can't blame your horse either.... there was probably something wrong... if you cared for jumana as much as he cared for you, you would not ride and especially not JUMP when you realized he was acting strange.... and I'm sure he is disappointed in you for stopping to ride+you shouldn't be on this website because if you were horsecrazy YOU WOULD NOT give up.

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