Joy's Story

by Joy
(Melbourne Australia)

At the age of 2 my Dad took me to a horse ranch. I was introduced to a horse named Betty. She was a beautiful mahogany bay mare and I liked her a lot. I wouldn't stop cooing and patting her nose!
Since we aren't exactly rich and I have 3, soon to be 4, other siblings, I have never taken riding lessons. I still adored horses and read all kinds of books. I kept begging Mom and Dad to let me have a trail ride.

Then, on my 10th birthday, it happened. A few friends and myself went to a riding ranch and I got on a horse for the first time. A celebrity horse at that! His name was Flicka. He was the birthday horse and he had starred in the Saddle Club! He was a sweet palomino, (he had a different name in the show,) with a smooth, plodding step. I had never ridden before but I insisted I didn't need any help. I didn't fall off and I did better then one of my friends who had a horse!

After that I began model horse collecting. I collect Breyer and some German brand. My collection amounts to 52 models! I was thrilled in grade five and six, (this 2010) that we were going to another ranch. The first time I rode a spirited young chestnut named Charisma. I passed for an experienced rider! The next year I rode another horse called Candy. She was quite a perky horse and her attitude matched my mood. During a training course, I performed my first jump. Charisma was being ridden in front of me ad she knocked over the stepping thing. A man walked over to pick it up. I lent forward the way I had seen on horse talk and Candy took the cue. She cleared the bar!

I have loved horses ever since.

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Nov 14, 2010
by: Clare

Do you know the horses name from saddle club?

Oct 17, 2010
by: Sydney

what a great story! i love it!

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