Joy and Pain

by SkyDiamond

Part One

Hi, I am Anne and my favorite thing in the entire world is horses. I own a dominant white stallion named Ice Blizzard, but we call him Bliz. Anyway, I am going to enter a show right now, so I need to stop talking like a total chatterbox.

I hear the announcer say, "Next up is Annabella Smith on Ice Blizzard!"

I guide Bliz over an oxer, then two combinations. We jump over a jump with bricks on it. Then, there is the type of jump that scares me: the jump with a pool. I admit, I am scared of heights. And I also cannot swim. So yikes.

I take a deep breath, and me and Bliz literally float over the jump! Hmm, maybe those jumps aren't that hard.

***I end up coming home with a blue ribbon. I am beaming with a combo of my Omg-did-I-really-do-that face and my Wow-I-am-so-awesome face.

My BFF, Meridith runs up to me and hugs me. "You aced it today!" she says. And I admit, I did.

***That night, Me, Meridith, and Cordelia (who is my other BFF) go out and ride together in the trail in celebration of me winning the competition. Along with Jake (my boyfriend), Dan (Meridith's boyfriend), and Luke (Cordelia's boyfriend).

"Hey!" Jake suddenly says, should we have a race to that very round rock?"

"I am so in!" I say.

"Sure, as long as Cory does too." says Luke.

"I'm in" Cordelia says.

"Me and Mera are in too!" says Dan, "Right Mera?"

"Of course!" Meridith replies.

"You wanna say 'go'?" Jake asks me. I nod. I got in my starting position, and said, "Ready, set...GO!" We all burst off.

When we finish, we are all sweaty. "Yeah I won!!" Dan says. We all cheer.

"Congrats." Mera says. She blushes.

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Dec 10, 2016
by: hoofbeats10

Write more about Ice Blizzard! I love that name!

Dec 04, 2016
by: sisco's gal

You are a great writer, something I want to be! Please write more. It's awesome...

Nov 13, 2016
so cool!!!
by: hoofbeats

Please write more! I LOVE it!

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