Jag and me, two hearts but one dream!!!!!

by Kylie
(Clare, Michigan, USA)

When I was little my favorite animal was a dog. But one day when I was about 4 I seen a picture of a horse and I asked my mom what it was and she told me. It was a picture of a blood bay with black hair that looked like it jumped out of the book.

For two years I kept begging my dad for a pony. And I went to a union meeting with my dad and a lady walked up to me and said "I heard that you wanted a pony". And I said is it for free and she said yes.

At that very moment my heart lit up I was finally going to get a pony. Her name was trigger and she was a really old pony but I loved her so much. But three years later my dog got sick and I just had this draby feeling that for some reason I still remember that feeling and when I went in my dad was going outside.

I asked what he was doing. And he said we have to get your pony up. And looked outside and I seen her there with tears of pain laying on the cold winter ground. She died at 12:05 on valentine's day.

Four years of sadness passed and I wanted a horse again. Then I found this amazing 7 year old sorrel paint named "jags dream times two" I found on craigslist and it had been posted 30 minutes before and I said that's fate. I called the guy that day and he still had her. The day we went and looked at her. I took one look at her and said your my horse jag.

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