Jackson Stables Girl has a new story!

by Kathleen

Half pass bareback!

Half pass bareback!

Everything has turned around for me! I've found a fantstic horse named Jack and he suits me very well! I have been working with him a lot, proof with the half pass in the picture, and I have medicine for my heart now which turns out was making me depressed. Everything is fixed!! YAY!! I truly couldn't be happier! Well, If I had my own horse, but that's a different story!! Bye!!

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Apr 08, 2010
Dreams are good
by: Justme

Goofy me again.
I was just tripping and stumbling around the horse related stuff on the 'net and found you, and your friend Windcall, quite by accident.
You touched me.
Thank you.
Remember if we have a dream that we don't hold onto TOO tightly it WILL come true.
I wanted a certain car one time and a while later I had it, from outta nowhere, free.
I still have it.
You can get what you dream also, just don't hold on too tightly.
See ya', friend.

Jan 28, 2009
Hi again!
by: Windcall

Hi Kathleen!
It's me again. As I mentioned in my previous comment, I found this page before I found your first one. I'm glad that you are doing much better (and that you figured out what was making you depressed)!!!!!! I WILL be praying for you.

I love this pic, too!

Windcall *:-)

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