Ivy Coast Academy~Story One: Chapter one

by Anna

Photo credit: berrytrip via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: berrytrip via I'd Pin That

Finally. I am at Ivy Coast. It has been all summer. Too long. I jump out of the car as soon as it stops. My boots hit the ground with a thump.I dust off my brown breeches and tuck in my forest green shirt.

Mom comes around, her high heels sinking into the dirt. She tosses her scarf over her shoulder as she says,"John will take your suitcases to the room. I need to call Mindy, my assistant. Win big. Goodbye, Emma." With a slight nod of her head, she's gone. At least she came. Dad did not even bother to come.A meeting is more important to him than his only daughter, I guess.

I start towards the stable. Phoenix, my grey gelding is there. I enter the green and white doors and step in the cool of the barn. I walk down the aisles in till I come to my horse's stall. I see Phoenix. He is munching hay. "Phoenix!" I cry. He raises his head and I step into his stall. After I give him a carrot... or two....ok three, I step out. I see my best friend, fellow rider, and roommate Alexis step out of her mare, Sophia's, stall. I try to contain myself as I sneak up behind her.

"Hi!!" I exclaim as I throw my arms around her. She jumps in surprise, but whirls around and hugs me. "Em!I saw your suitcases but not you. Hi!" "I had, well Mom had, John take it to our room. I have a surprise for you. Actually, it is for our room. Wanna see?" She giggles and pulls me to the door. "Let's go!" She exclaims.

When we get to our room, I unzip the biggest suitcase. I pull out a picture out of me jumping on Phoenix, and one of Alexis jumping on Sophia."Like?" I look up at Alexa. Her eyes shine as she takes the pictures. "Like it?I love it!" We put them on the wall and head to dinner.

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Dec 29, 2014
excellent start
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

Keep writing!

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