Issie finds a horse - Part 1

by Leigh
(Somewhere in Africa)

As Issie sped along the windy road she turned my head to look to the right and stopped right in her tracks, she was gasping like a goldfish. There was a beautiful horse; she knew that horse, Pride and Joy.

She stared at Pride for a long time, taking in his beautiful hind legs his beautiful summer coat which was gold with the sun glowing down on it. Issie watched his muscles twitching in the sun, flicking his tail lazily at the odd, annoying fly.

He was beautiful, just how she last saw him. Issie had last seen him when he was five. She had found him in a terrible thunderstorm; he was cantering away from her hiding beneath the trees.

Issie had taken him in, cared for him, and taught him everything he should know. Never to bite or kick. She even thought him when she whistled he must come. She raised her fingers to her lips and blew a short, sharp, high note and then a long, not so sharp, low note and then she called him, “Pride, come here boy!”

Pride looked up and saw Issie coming towards him. He whinnied and galloped to her. At last, she was reunited with her horse. “I missed you so much boy,” she whispered in his ear. “Excuse me, what are you doing to my horse?” asked a girl with long blonde hair. “What’s your name? Do you own him?” Issie asked nervously.

“My name is Nicole and yes, I own him! So, what are you doing to him?” asked Nicole. “Was his name Pride and Joy by any chance?” Issie asked ignoring to answer Nicole’s question. “Yes, his name was pride and Joy, but we got him from an auction.” Nicole said looking cross. “Well, my name is Issie, and I believe this is my horse.” Issie said climbing over the fence. “How?” spat out Nicole. “Well, Pride” Issie started, “His name is Goldie,” said Nicole. “Well, Pride A.K.A. Goldie was stolen from me. I taught everything he knows.” Issie said proudly. “Well, how do you know he’s your horse?” Nicole asked looking angrier by the minute.

“Well, his name was Pride and Joy and the other one is the whistle I gave him.” Issie said shrinking back, it looked like Nicole was going to explode. “Well, please leave Goldie,” she said Goldie slowly, “alone please.” and with that she stomped off taking Goldie with her. “You’ll see Nicole, I will get him back.” She whispered to herself. She cycled speedy quick home.

“Mom! Dad! I need to talk to you! Lounge in five minutes please.” And Issie ran upstairs to get changed in to comfy clothes. Five minutes later she was in the lounge with her mom and dad. “Mom, dad,” she began, “I don’t know how to say this but, I found Pride.” Issie said smiling. “Fantastic! Where is he?” asked mom. “At Hog Hollow Trails.” Issie sang.

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