Isn't there a superman to sweep me off my feet? - Part 1

by Cara

*Wrote a similar story a long time okay, well actually alot the same, I decided to change it, keep it more interesting, please enjoy! -Cara*

I’ve always wonder why people adored my sister so much, was it the charming personality, the stunning face, the perfect figure, that she was athletic, she gave good advice, or was it all of it, if there was a definition of perfect she would be it, a real angel from above.

I sat in the back of the cab, on my way to meet my parents at some fancy dinner thing for work, and of course the kids had to come, so my parents could show off some more, and I could go hide in a corner, like most dinners. I stared at Juliette, as she babbled on and on about how much see loved the city, we hadn’t even been in the city a couple months and she had already managed to have everyone at school wrapped around her finger.


That was the millionth time this car ride her phone had gone off, if it went off one more time I was going to scream, I stared out the car window, one thing I hate about the city is the traffic, it’s too busy, it takes forever to get a couple blocks, but the main thing I love is that there is no dumb farms animals around, I hate them, there stupid, smelly and you have to clean up there poop. Juliette loved them, we didn’t live on a farm, and we didn’t live close to the farms, but still close enough.

“Dani?” Juliette asked, I shook from my day dream and looked into her ocean blue eyes that was filled with curiosity.

“Ya?” I answered, I had just let Juliette’s words past through me, she really loves to talk, but whatever she was saying most have been witty and smart, she always knows what to say, even if it’s a lot.

“Aren’t you happy here?” That was a though question, yes and no, I don’t miss those farm animals, and the smell of hay, and manure flowing into our little area, that was gross, everyone said how lush and real that was, but it was basically like living in a sewer.

But I do miss that homey feeling, New York is so cold, so full, you never have a moment to yourself and you can never hear yourself think, and some people are just rude. Back home, we lived in a great big house, and I could actually talk to Juliette, we were actually like real sisters, sure she was popular, but she still had time for me, her dorky twin sister, though we don’t look alike.

Now, she’s too busy with all her new friends to even care about me, I’ve always been jealous of Juliette, she has everything I could only wish for, popularity, a gorgeous face, an open mind, she’s likable, she accepted.

Then I saw it, the blue car speeding right towards us, in that moment, it seemed like time stopped, the term life flashing before your eyes is true, expect it was a single memory, when my face was red, my eyes red, tearing falling from my face as I sat in my older bedroom, and Juliette hugged me, and gave me told me exactly what I needed to hear, not the honest truth, and that’s why everyone loves Juliette, she tells you what you need to hear, whether it’s a pretty lie or the honest truth.

The crunch of metal, tires screeching, the blood rushing to my ears, then it all stopped and everything went black.

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Aug 13, 2016
Very nice!
by: TheHorseLover

This is an amazing story! Post a part 2!! Please!!

Jun 13, 2016
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

I love the details and how you describe everything in this story!! ;D

Jul 03, 2014
Write more!
by: Anonymous

umm this is amazing! You really need to write more! The visual that your writing brings is amazing so please continue!

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