Isabelle the Horse Lover

by Isabelle
(Marietta, Georgia)

I have always loved horses and had a special place for them in my heart. THey are my favorite animals! They are such sweet, gentle creatures, yet so fun and feisty! I don't ride because my parents can't find a place, or afford it. But one time I went on a field trip to a farm in North Carolina and they had this really sweet horse named Ginger. While other kids played in the creek, played soccer, and held the bunnies, I just sat with Ginger, just petting her and petting her.
My brother says I am obsessed. I play on like, five horse websites and have a poster and a painting of them in my room.
More than half my friends are also horsecrazy!

I am Horsecrazy!

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Feb 13, 2010
by: Leanne

i used to be like you not being able to afford it cause the company my dad worked for went bankrupt !
then he found a new job n now we can afford our own horse !!
before i got tallola i used to go down to my local ridingschool n help out n get lessons for free in return !
ginger sound interesting please may u tell me about him / her ! lol


Sep 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

I also wanted to know what websites you go on.

Jan 25, 2009
Hi Horse Crazy Girl!
by: Christina

I have a question to ask you: I am REALLY horse crazy too and I was wondering what horse websites you play on. Thanks!

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