Is it enough?

by Marcy
(San Diego, California)

Well, I've always wanted a horse, but my parents said that we don't have the money. So, I sold lemonade, washed cars, sold toys that I didn't want anymore, and I have a total of $1,528 dollars, is that enough for a horse?
And I'm Mexican! And I also speak Mexican. (I'm not bragging.)

Made on: July 28, 2010

Made by: Marcy

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Jan 23, 2011
keep trying

That's enough for a horse itself. But if u need to board it plus tack, feed etc. Then it won't be. Its very expensive. I know I don't have a horse either but I want one really bad.

Aug 11, 2010
by: Appaloosa

Sure, it's enough for a horse, if you have a barn, tack, pasture money for vet costs and feed, and time to spend with him. if you do, yay!!!^-^

A stable would be good, but still, horses, unfortunately, are big creatures and require big money.

Aug 02, 2010
by: Caroline

Amazing! I'd do that if my parents would let me. I've tried, but the whole 'We don't have enough money/a place to keep it' got in the way. Yes, that is about enough. If you want a simply rideable horse, not one that is trained in jumping/anything special, then sure. I've seen good horses that are rideable go for about 500 dollars, and then the rest of your money would easily pay for tack/a halter/blanket. Then use the rest for a months boarding, possibly. Or keep at a friends house nearby that has a barn/paddock. And if your boarding money runs out, tell your parents you'll happily do chores to pay off the money they'd have to pay.
(Just an idea! If this won't work for you, sorry!)

Good LUCK! And pray I can eventually get a horse. ;)

Aug 01, 2010
good idea
by: Anonymous

I think what you should do is use that money to lease a horse which is you come out 6 times a week to ride it and you treat it like your own but you dont have to pay for board, feed or vet bills. then once u get enough money THEN buy a horse

Jul 31, 2010
kind of
by: Sydney

It's enough to buy a horse but probably not enough to keep it. But keep working and I'm sure you will get it:)

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