In Love With Horses

by HorseTreats

I've loved horses ever since I can remember, and a long time before that. I LOVE Horses. I have Breyers and horse drawings and horse pictures ALL OVER. Horses are so beautiful!!! Especially when they gallop in wide open fields and the sky is just right. Even chores can't stop me from wanting one. I love horses because some of them are just so sweet and caring!

My friends and I have made a Horse Lovers Go Ride Club. (it's a very small club and it's not really a club at all, more like a go to the fair or call or maybe get together and ride horses thing! 'Club' just makes it sound cool.)

I don't own a Horse, but I really want one, and if I save up my money, I figured out that in two or three years I might be able to get some land and finally get my very own horse ore pony.

And then I could dress it up on Halloween, and take it for rides with my friends (one of my friends in our Horse Lovers Go Ride has more than one ride-able horse, so our three people rides work), and have a friend that will be there for me when ever I need one.

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