by Jenny ( Bella)
(Kenner, Louisiana, U.S.A.)

A horse that looks exactly like Snowball. :)

A horse that looks exactly like Snowball. :)

I find horses are loyal to us they're like oversized dogs but mainly for girls. Horses can easily make u feel better when your upset or mad. They comfort you. I was drawn to horses when I was six. I went horseback riding (before that, I fell off and nearly fell off a cliff). Since I fell off I was horrified of horses, but something told me to get back on, get back on. So I followed that little voice. I got back on. The horse I was riding, Snowball, was stomping at some flies. I got scared of him because I was afraid that I was going to fall off again. (I mean could you blame me I was six) In that moment I started crying I stopped. I stopped because Snowball was trying not to make me cry. Even though the flies were unbearable, he kept perfectly still. I was completely astonished. It was a connection between us. He could sense my emotions and if they were bad emotions, he tried to make them better. I fell in love with that horse. After that day I rode him for my birthday and a few other times but after that year I never saw him again. I will always love him. And when he dies, I will be heartbroken. I will most likely cry for months. I will never forget how that horse helped me overcome my fear of horses. No horse will replace him. Ever.

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