I want a pony! :(

by Lara

Right, I know I am very lucky to actually have weekly riding lessons but i have always wanted my own pony.

My mum says we cant afford it, if we ever won the lottery she says she would get me a pony, but my dad is more reluctant...:\

Apparently i wont look after it- I WILL!!!!!!!!!! Come one, Horse-Crazy Lara not looking after a pony?!?! I have had experience looking after ponies before- a part loan pony called Frankie for a month for my b-day, and this epic cob called Megan who belongs to my neighbor and let me look after her for the summer she was here (love you meggi! miss you <3 )

Anyone else desperate for a pony?? I'll be glad to know I'm not the only one!

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Jul 12, 2014
sydney plz help
by: chaanya

how can i post a page like this i tried and tried but i can't find anything to click on to put up a page.... plz help me... its urgent and i need to post something about my pony blaze....


Mar 16, 2012
by: Lara

Haha glad to know I'm not alone Sara xD

Mar 15, 2012
i'm in the exact same situation!!
by: Sara

I'm in the exact same situation!! i'm lucky 2 have riding lessons too, and my dad is the exact same way!! sure we're not the same person?! LOL

Jan 03, 2012
Bashkir Curly
by: Lara

Is the breed a bashkir curly? I read that they're the only hypo-allergenic (that how you spell it??)
I'm glad to know I'm not alone lol hope you get a horse. xx

Jan 02, 2012
You're Not Alone!
by: Keneisha

You're not alone! I am totally in love with horses too and I so want one!! My mom is in love with horses like me and would get me one in a heartbeat! We just don't have the acreage. My sister is allergic to horses so that's another thing but there is a breed of horse that wouldn't give my sister an allergic reaction and I know a breeding farm in my area that breeds that type of horse! And my mom knows I'm responsible it's just the land! And the cost of having a horse. I SOO want a horse!!!!!!

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