I LUV HORSES! (My first day of horse riding)

by Rhiannon
(United Kingdom)

I'm totally horse crazy because today was my first day of horse riding! I rode on this beautiful horse called George.

Now, George is a really cool horse, lazy, but cool. He is that lazy, he wouldn't even attempt to jump over a jump about five inches tall, he basically just walked around the posts and he wouldn't move.

I, personally did very well on my first day. I was really scared and didn't know anybody there. (Apart from my friends, friend called Katie). But when I got on the horse and sat on him for a while, I loved it! And when we began to trot around the paddock, which I was really nervous about, became really fun!

So if anybody is starting horse riding, and is very nervous, don't be afraid because it gets really easy and you really get used to it! I can't wait to go on Saturday. Gotta get up early too because we are leaving at 10am! I'm staying for two hours, too.

See you HorsecrazygirlZ!

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