I love ponies and horses

by chantelle

I love horses and ponies because just the way they look, the way they seem to understand what you say to them. I live in a family that doesn't like horses apart from me and my mum. she has a chestnut gelding called oscar. he is so beautiful.

i have been begging my mum and dad forever for a pony and all they say is no not now we cant afford it right now which gets right on my nerves. i love them so much and i am not allowed one.

i have to say my fave horse books has to be pony club secrets by stacy gregg. i can never put one down when ever i start to read one.

there is only one two types of horses i love and that is black and chestnut. you cant beat them. so i hope i like what i have written. i have to say just one more thing. if you haven't read Pony Club Secrets then you have to. they are so good.

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