by Megan
(Highland Village, TX)

I really love horses because they are the most beautiful animals in the world and they are just so majestic! I mean, if you have a horse of your own, (which I don't)you can have a special bond together. They are just so different from all other animals, except maybe donkeys....haha. It's sort of an inside joke I have with friends. Okay, I'll tell you the story...... So my friend (I don't want to name names) was going to her, horse, Beauty's stall, when she noticed that her donkey, Trouble, was in the stall instead of Beauty!! The funny thing is that she ALMOST saddled up Trouble!! Anyway, about the reason I'm horse crazy is also because I'm moving soon and we are going to have a wayyyyy bigger backyard, so I might just be able to get a horse!! Well I have to go now, so I hope you enjoyed my story!

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