I love horses sooooooo much!

by Jami
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Well for starters I love all animals especially horses and anything related to horses. Horses are my life. My family can not afford riding lessons so on 3 days I help out at a farm for a few hours and then they give my an hour riding lesson after.

I have always wished for a horse and I have been saving my money for almost 7 years now. I have lots of horse books and read them every chance I get. I have notebooks filled of my plan. Like where to keep the horse and what supplies I need. All i think about is horses all day long.

Want to know one of my terrifing events? Well I was riding for the first time in my life. I was walking the horse slowly and then I decided to ask for a trot. The horse started to trot then canter!!! I was holding on for dear life and then suddenly the horse stopped and I was flinged forward almost falling off! It was soooo scary!!!!!!!

Anyway... this is why I love horses so much.

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