by Ceaderheart

To me horseisle is the best game out there. Sometimes it aggrevates me with the flagging. It is kidna like a little kid site in the chat world because they flag you for some of the most ridiculous things (I once said underwear and they flagged me) I understand for curse words and such but its stupid sometimes.

Searching for wild horses can be hard too. And if you want an exact breed and WILD, forget it really unless you whisper it or buy it fresh from some else. earning money cna be hard sometimes but just do quests and play jumping or such. I really likes this game and I own 6 horses.

I would recommend this game for kids and tweens ( under 13 years of age) because the way it is built. I am a teen and I find it very aggrevating sometimes because I like to talk to my buds nad once again the gmae flags me for stupid stuff and makes me want to quit sometimes. But horseisle is a safe site for any age and I love it (except for the flagging again lol). The quests can be hard sometimes so have a bud to help you.

Everyone should play this game if they have patience lol.

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