I got MORE than I thought of ever getting

by Jami
(Sherwood Park, Alberta)

Ever since I was about seven years old (I'm thirteen now) I have been wanting riding lessons, a horse to lease or a horse to own. When I turned eleven I started to think my dreams would never come true. I spent all my time drawing horses, watching horse movies, reading books about horses and praying to God about at least getting riding lessons.

Finally when I was twelve years old a lady from my church invited me to go riding with her. I agreed and we spent the whole day on a trail ride loping up and down hills (yes she taught me how to lope before I knew how to jog!) and doing new things.

After that day was over I knew something was starting to happen with my horse dream. I started going out to her farm more often to help out and go riding. That continued for about six months when my parents told me she had a big surprise for me.

At church that morning she gave me a certificate for eight riding lessons (already paid for) at Good News Riding Center. I was stoked that I got that opportunity. When those eight weeks were up I had learned so many new things and I wanted to continue more then ever. So my parents agreed to let me continue my wonderful riding lessons.

At one point my parents couldn't afford them so I got a job at my stables that lets me get my regular riding lesson for free PLUS another lesson during the week. I have been continuing that for a very long time now and am now looking for a horse to lease.

See? Dreams do come true.

P.S. I am now doing competitions mostly in show jumping and cross country!

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Sep 17, 2012
same story
by: Anonymous

That sounds like me! I was 7-8 when I really got interested in horses, but I was 12 before I got lessons. I'm 13 now too.

Sep 17, 2012
dreams :)
by: Lucinda

Dreams do come true, I wanted a pony and begged my parents to get one for five years before I got Bella xD. But I thought (before I got her) My dream of owning a horse/pony would never come true :)

Sep 16, 2012
Amazing :)
by: Jami

Yes. The Lord works in amazing ways! And lucky! 2 horses!! And Marissa maybe one day it will happen to you... I wasn't even expecting it to happen!

Sep 15, 2012
sounds like
by: Anonymous

I couldn't agree with you more! That almost sounds like my story, except I got lessons at nine and now have 2 horses! What a awesome God Jesus is!

Sep 13, 2012
by: marissa

great story, and i wish it could happen to me, but i am taking riding lessons, and the pic is amazing!

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