I Am the Horsewoman of the Universe

by Katy

I know everything about horses! I live and breath my love for them! I started going Crazy about them when I was 8, and I'm 11 now!!! I go to a riding stable in Elverta, CA. I am still a beginner in riding though. I've only had one lesson but I love it!!!

I'm horse crazy because it's in my blood. My dad and aunt had horses when they were young. My dad still LIKES horses, but he doesn't love them like he used to. My aunt, she still is going strong in her horse crazy life. She owns three horses. Rose (Appaloosa mare), Buddy, Owen (Paint gelding), and Legacy (Arabian mare).

I used to take "lessons" on Legacy. That's how in my first lesson, I'd had experience with stubborn behavior.I know that I will ALWAYS be Horse-Crazy, and never, ever will quit on my love for horses. THE HORSE-CRAZY GIRL'S PROMISE: I swear to be true to my life and love of horses. Once I'm Horse-Crazy, I'm ALWAYS Horse-Crazy. Amen!

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Aug 07, 2011
by: Tori

I love horses soo much! I've had three of my own but two died of old age :( My horse now is named silver he is an Arabian and he is soooo beautiful! Like u said once horse crazy ALWAYS horse crazy!!! :)

Aug 06, 2011
Yes yes yes

Same here! My mom worked with Olympic riders Jill Henseldwood and Ian Miller and trust me they're both super nice and so are their horses (or course)! i've been riding since i was 1 and ya it's hard 2 believe but that's when i first sat in the saddle! and i still have my first horse (a miniature) Dodger!

Jul 20, 2011
by: BelleBelle

Hey, that's exactly what I say about myself. although I have taken more lessons and I have passed beginner. I love horses!!! And the horses I take lessons on, Pride, and Holly, are SOOO sweet! I love this post, keep it up:)

Jul 20, 2011
me too
by: Gabriele

hey i know everything about horses too, everything! my mum and dad own a riding school that like has 250 horses!

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